Company Profile

Since its formation in 2000, Gottpower has been a company that is proud of its astounding customer service record.

Owner and operator Darrel Gottschalk takes great care in researching and learning about the best products, in order to fine-tune his services, to best serve his customers. He insists upon staying current on the latest trends and procedures, and believes in informing and educating his customers. This way, they understand the process in which they are about to experience.

His company is extremely customer oriented, especially with regard to timeliness. Gottschalk insists upon prompt service, and ensuring that appointment times are kept, and project are completed in the projected estimated time. He understands that a client does not want his life, or home, held up unnecessarily. Gottpower always works to ensure the quickest and most, cost-effective solution.

All technicians are currently licensed and certified according to state standards and procedures with regard to environmental remediation and restoration, especially mold. Gottpower insists on constantly being aware of any state mandated changes to procedures. This to verify his clients’ home are a safe environment during demolition, remediation, and restoration.

Gottpower considers themselves unique. They use only the best products, and employ the best procedures, for attending to your project, from the moment a customer is given an estimate, until completion of the job.

The Gottpower service area encompasses all of mid-Maryland, and the Eastern shore, including the following counties: Queen Anne’s County, Howard County, Prince George’s County, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City.

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our certifications

M.H.I.C. #131067

ACAC seal 2014   Lead-safe certified firm EPA

cleancut certified  NAMP logo

what we offer


Basement and crawlspace structural repair and restoration

If your home’s foundation, or basement walls’ structural integrity are compromised, the technicians at Gottpower can help. We will repair and reinforce the walls, seal any cracks, and completely restore any damage. Contact us today for a consultation!


Basement waterproofing and crawlspace encapsulation

We specialize in french drain system and sump pump installation. Particular consideration is taken with crawlspace encapsulation, in that we insist upon using flame retardant materials to ensure your crawlspace is both water proof, and fire resistant!


Mold remediation and restoration

If an environmental issue is discovered, such as mold, our process includes any water mitigation, demolition, remediation, and restoration. Air ducts and HVAC vents are also cleaned and sterilized to ensure mold spoors are not blown thought the heating and cooling system throughout your home. You can trust us to make sure your home is a safe environment!


Insurance claims assistance

When filing an insurance claim, you can trust our advising services. Gottpower has experience with negotiating with insurance companies. We will speak with your agent and go through the claim, thoroughly, to assist you in getting the funds necessary to complete your project, the right way. Allow the professionals at Gottpower to take the confusion and frustration out of insurance claims filing!


Emergency Services

The professionals at Gottpower are available 24 hours a day to serve our customers in any sort of emergency. We understand that, especially with regard to water damage, that time is of the essence! Calling the professionals at Gottpower as soon as you discover the emergency situation will help to minimize damage and property loss.