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Maryland Waterproofing Services

Basement & Crawlspace Waterproofing Experts with Superior Drain Systems.

Don’t loose your basement because of hydrostatic pressure making your walls bow and collapse. We can make 8″ block walls 10 times stronger then when there were installed from day one.

Do you have a wet basement or crawlspace that you can’t use or enjoy?
Does it have musty smells or visible mold issues?

Let us make a free assessment of your unique situation through temperature-relative humidity readings, psychometric and other readings. We can make a comprehensive plan to remediate your water, odor and mold situation. We treat your problem as our own. We will look at every aspect of any water infiltration and make an assessment.

Don’t let other companies wrap your basement with flammable materials to waterproof it. We will waterproof your basement with our patent pending fire retardant system.

Don’t throw money away, don’t finish your basement unless you’re sure it is free of elevated moisture. Let us come out and make sure you’re free of elevated moisture levels before construction begins.

Whether it be crawl space, basement, foundation wall or high humidity, we will give you every available option. Stopping interior or exterior water and high humidity levels is our specialty.

In addition to a drain field, we use our patented Drain Eze system which creates a 3/8” space between the floor and wall that collects water and channels it across the footing to the drain field. The bifold design virtually eliminates all unwanted wave deformities visible in other L-shape designs. Any aspect of waterproofing is provided: sump pumps drain fields, basements and crawl space wraps.

Structural Repair Photo Gallery

Basement walls being pushed back into place